Staff team

Olivia Marks-Woldman OBE

I joined the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT) as Chief Executive in February 2012. I have overseen the growth of Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) around the country and a hugely increased media presence.

I believe passionately that everyone, regardless of age or background, should know about the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution of other groups and more recent genocides, and should set aside time to remember all those who suffered. I feel fortunate to be working for an organisation that enables people to do this, that encourages people to consider their own responsibilities, and that puts the life stories of those who were murdered and those who survived at the centre of commemorations.

Before joining HMDT, I worked in a number of other charities, mainly in roles that involved political lobbying, policy development and stakeholder engagement.

Rachel Century

As Director of Public Engagement and Deputy Chief Executive, I oversee both our Outreach and Communications functions, ensuring the two complement and support each other. I support all our key organisational activities, develop our knowledge and expertise and represent HMDT externally.

I have been dedicated to Holocaust education for a long time as I feel very strongly that we need to both learn and teach about the Holocaust and subsequent genocides to remember the victims, honour the survivors, and to try to learn lessons from the past. I am fortunate to be working in a position at HMDT that allows me to continue learning and teaching about the Holocaust, and hope to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

I have completed a doctorate in Holocaust Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London, and published a book based on my research in 2017, entitled The Female Administrators of the Third Reich. I am also an educator for March of the Living UK. In addition, I have an MA in Holocaust Studies from UCL, and am a Fellow of the Imperial War Museum in Holocaust Education.

Louise Darbon

As HMDT’s Senior Operations and Finance Manager, my role covers the management and oversight of the operations team, finance and HR functions, and office management.

Before joining HMDT, I occupied various commercial finance roles for nearly 20 years including relationship management and operational leadership – so that’s stood me in good stead for the many sides to this role!

I am a passionate advocate against all identity-based discrimination, so HMDT’s goals of commemoration and education to promote a society free from identity based hostility align with my personal values. I am immensely proud to be part of an organisation that works so hard to give voice to those who have been affected by genocide.

Joe Miller

I joined HMDT as Head of Outreach in July 2022. My role is to lead HMDT’s outreach team in engaging with organisations and communities across the country to support and encourage the marking of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Before joining HMDT I was Remembrance Manager at the Royal British Legion, prior to which I worked at the Labour Party in various roles for nearly eleven years.

I believe passionately in the work of HMDT, in the importance of remembering and learning from our past, to help us create a better present and future for all communities.

Jaromir Blutaumuller

Photo of Jaromir BlutaumullerSince August 2023, I have been a happy member of the HMDT team. As a Gedenkdiener, I am affiliated with the Austrian memorial organisation Gedenkdienst that supports work to remember and learn about the Holocaust and Austria’s history of National Socialism.
My goal is to support HMDT to inform about the past, to prevent prejudice and hate against minorities, and to tackle new exciting projects. I have always dreamt of working abroad in a fulfilling and welcoming environment and I am glad to say that I have found exactly that at HMDT.

Additionally, I am a passionate programmer and strongly believe that technology will play a huge role in holocaust education and creating a more tolerant society.

Rebecca Deakin

I joined the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust as Operations Officer in January 2020. I provide operational support to the HMDT staff.

Prior to HMDT, I worked in the Charity sector and in Professional Services in a variety of positions including finance, administration, training, events management and client relationship management.

I feel honoured to be working with such a dedicated and knowledgeable team of people and to have the privilege to meet survivors and hear their stories firsthand. Remembering and teaching people about the past is essential so that we don’t forget and are able to learn from mistakes to create a better future.

Charlotte dos Remedios

As HMDT’s Outreach Officer for Museums, Prisons and Workplaces it is my responsibility to manage our outreach, and then engage with organisations, within these three spaces. This involves building strong relationships with stakeholders, and ensuring our resources are tailored to each audience.

Prior to joining the team, I worked at a consultancy firm where the focus was reforming public services, mostly prisons. I am also a University of Warwick History graduate, with a Masters in Holocaust Studies from Royal Holloway.

I strongly believe that Holocaust and genocide awareness is fundamental in creating a more cohesive and inclusive society. It is a privilege to work in a team which is unified and driven by this belief.

Alicia Frydman

I am proud to have joined HMDT as Senior Development Officer assisting the Head of Development to drive our fundraising initiatives. My commitment to this cause is deeply personal, as I am the daughter of a resistance fighter and granddaughter of an Auschwitz survivor. These family ties have instilled in me a profound understanding of the Holocaust’s lasting impact, motivating me to ensure that its memory and that of more recent genocides endures, and their lessons shape a more compassionate world. I am fervently dedicated to advocating against all forms of identity-based discrimination. Before joining the HMDT team, my career path led me through various roles in think tanks, nonprofit organisations, and research institutions.

Toni Griffiths

I joined HMDT in November 2021 as Senior Outreach Officer. My role is to support the organisation in increasing the number of Holocaust Memorial Day activities that are organised or supported by local government, including new and existing local community organisations and to manage, coordinate and support our team of support workers.

Prior to joining HMDT, I project managed a number of local heritage projects in partnership with a variety of organisations and communities. I have a doctorate in Jewish history and heritage, and I am a Visiting Fellow at The Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations, University of Southampton.

It is a privilege to be part of HMDT. I firmly believe in the power of education and significance of acts of remembering to increase understanding of diversity, inclusion and tolerance within our communities.

Pippa Harrison

I joined HMDT in June 2021. As Senior Events Officer, I am responsible for the annual national HMD Ceremony and all the different elements that come together to ensure the smooth running of the event. I also help to event manage other events for HMDT throughout the year.

I have always worked in event management, primarily in the charity sector, and my previous experience includes working for Cancer Research UK, Crisis and Tennis First. I have a history degree from Edinburgh University and a personal interest in the Holocaust and the persecution of different groups by Nazi Germany, having had family members flee from Prague and settle in the UK during the Second World War.

I feel privileged to work at HMDT and to play my own part in organizing the Ceremony, thereby helping to ensure the stories of all Genocides continue to be told and heard by as many people as possible.

Graham Jackson

As Finance and Operations Administrator I ensure the smooth running of the office at HMDT, providing a first-class customer service to all HMDT’s stakeholders. I am passionate about supporting the most vulnerable and giving a voice to marginalised groups.

Over the years I have worked for many large corporations and in the last 7 years I have focused my career in the charity sector. My most recent role was supporting a small team in providing a befriending and mentoring service to disadvantage families through a network of dedicated volunteers within the local community. This helped to facilitate positive changes in people’s lives.

Away from work you will often find me volunteering, keeping fit (trying!) or at a piano where I am most happy playing French impressionist music such as Ravel. I am honoured to work at HMDT and doing my bit in helping to raise awareness and learn from the past while preserving the life stories of survivors of genocide.

Hannah Jorsh

Photo of Hannah JorshI joined HMDT in August 2023 as Outreach Officer for Youth. In my role, I engage with youth groups to support their own marking of Holocaust Memorial Day. To do this I build and maintain strong relationships with group leaders and ensure that they can access suitable resources for their events.
Before joining HMDT, I worked as the Outreach Assistant at the Royal College of Surgeons of England where I engaged with schools and universities to support students who were interested in medical and surgical training.

I strongly believe in the work of HMDT; the goals of education and commemoration to promote a society free from identity-based hostility are hugely important. Through education we can ensure a better present and future for all.

Julia Marcuson

As Head of Development, I work on developing the fundraising function at HMDT and there are now many different ways to support our work.

Before joining HMDT, I worked for 20 years as a fundraising and strategy consultant for a range of small and medium-sized charities. I am passionate about the work that HMDT does to raise awareness of the Holocaust and genocides and the relevancy today, with levels of hate crime increasing annually.


Farayi Mungazi

As Senior Communications Officer, I oversee media engagement for each Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) and coordinate media engagement throughout the year, preparing statements and supporting key relationships with journalists to implement HMDT’s positioning strategy.

I am also responsible for developing HMDT’s survivor engagement strategy, ensuring that the experiences of those affected by the Holocaust and genocide are included in resources, online content and at events. It is a huge honour and a solemn responsibility to share the experiences of Holocaust and genocide survivors with a wide audience.

Prior to joining HMDT, I worked as a multimedia journalist for the BBC World Service. Outside the office you’ll find me in the kitchen (next stop MasterChef!). I am also a terrible cricketer.

Kirsty Robson

I joined HMDT as the Outreach Officer for Scotland in 2023, having served as the freelance Scotland Support Worker since 2019. I am responsible for our engagement across the nation, working with activity organisers and key stakeholders in political, civic and faith spheres.

I’ve held a variety of roles within the third sector including managing public affairs and driving campaigns for social equality and human rights. I have a degree in Politics and Policy from the University of the West of Scotland, and my dissertation was centred around legislation tackling digital and contemporary antisemitism.

I believe that learning from genocide allows us to work towards a future free of persecution and prejudice. It is a privilege to work for HMDT, the organisation that has shaped my own journey in Holocaust remembrance and commemoration from my teens until now.

Naomi Sheer

I joined HMDT in April 2021 as Executive Assistant. I provide support to the CEO and Board of Trustees. Prior to working at HMDT I worked in the Professional Services sector and as a volunteer CRM trainer for another charity. I also teach singing. I hold a degree in Maths and Music from the University of Birmingham.

Many people are unaware of what happened during the Holocaust and genocides, and of their relevance today. I am committed to the work of HMDT to raise awareness so that everyone can be secure and fulfil their lives without threat of persecution.

Bethan Tribe

As Senior Digital Communications Officer I manage and bring together our digital platforms, including social media, website, newsletters and design work.

I have worked and volunteered in the charity sector for many years, having previously worked in design. My roles have involved supporting homeless people and minority communities, many of whom had fled conflict in their home country. This has made me passionate about promoting understanding and tolerance within our communities, and raising awareness of human rights abuses.

At a time when so much of our communication is online, I am pleased to be able to use digital platforms to reach so many people with the important messages of HMDT.

Freelance Support Workers

Our Outreach Team is also supported by freelance support workers who encourage and support organisations in identified sectors across the UK to mark HMD. Currently the team consists of:

Shirley Lennon – Northern Ireland

Sara Robinson – Wales