75 Memorial Flames Online Gallery Submission Form

If your group have created a Memorial Flame as part of the 75 Memorial Flames project, or as a HMD activity, you can submit it to be displayed on our online map and gallery here.

We would like to know all about your completed artwork. Please answer the questions below with as much detail as possible and include high quality photos of the artwork when you submit the form.

Submitting this form does not automatically result in your artwork being added to the map. We will be updating the online gallery with new submissions weekly, so please keep checking back to see your artwork on the map.

Contact Details

Artwork Details

Please note that address details will not be publicly displayed in full, we use these to place the marker on the map. Only the town name will be used in the artwork description.

This description should include:

- A brief summary of the group that made the artwork

- Some detail about the Memorial Flame itself, including your inspiration 

  1. The artwork that you are submitting has been made by your group.
  2. You have included at least one photograph with this form.
  3. HMDT has the right to use and share any photographs of your artwork for our resources or media work.
  4. You agree to your details, photos and answers, including your name (if provided) being featured in HMDT promotional materials, including on our website, social media and printed publications. Your email address, if provided, will not be published, but may be used to contact you for further information.