75 Memorial Flames: artwork information

If you have already registered to take part in the 75 Memorial Flames project, you have until Friday 18 October 2019 to let us know more about your artwork through this form.

We would like to know all about your artwork. Groups that have finished their Memorial Flame by Friday 18 October, should please include high quality photos of the artwork. If you have not finished your artwork by this date, please give us as much detail as possible about your Memorial Flame and include photos that show the design and the work in progress so that we can visualise the finished piece.

Please be aware that the 75 Memorial Flames that are selected for the national exhibition at the UK Ceremony will need to be completed by 8 January 2020.

If your group has made multiple artworks and would like to submit more than one to be considered for the 75 Memorial Flames that are in the national exhibition, you will need to submit a new form for each entry.


By submitting the details of your Memorial Flame artwork, you are confirming that:

  1. The artwork that you are submitting has or will be made by your group.
  2. Your group is based in the United Kingdom and if your artwork is selected, it will be sent from within the UK.
  3. You have included photographs with this form.
  4. You give HMDT permission to use and share any photographs of your artwork for our resources or media work.
  5. You understand that 75 Memorial Flames will be chosen for HMDT’s exhibition, and that it is not guaranteed that your artwork will be chosen. Artworks will be selected in accordance with HMDT’s selection criteria.
  6. If your flame is chosen for the exhibition, you will package the artwork safely and securely, and coordinate with us to arrange collection. Transportation costs will be covered by HMDT.
  7. Your group accepts the Terms and Conditions of the 75 Memorial Flames project.