Dance groups may wish to use the life stories from the HMD website to inspire their own interpretations and choreograph pieces which reflect the experiences of those who perished and survivors of the Holocaust, Nazi persecution and subsequent genocides.
You can visit the music section for ideas on music for your dance and the life stories of survivors offer a wide range of experiences which can be used as inspiration.
Groups may find the story of Jean Paul Samputu or Helen Lewis helpful when considering how dance can have an impact on the lives of individuals.
Learning more about music and dance traditions and performing pieces from cultures affected by the Holocaust and genocide is a moving way to commemorate HMD as you will be helping to ensure the survival of a culture threatened by genocide.
Educators might find inspiration for dance lessons in the ‘For educators’ section.
Helen Lewis, born Katz, a young Jewish woman from a small town in the Sudetenland area of Czechoslovakia, trained as a choreographer, dancer and teacher at the renowned dance school in Prague run by Milča Mayerová, where, with little previous...
One aspect of the theme for HMD 2017 - How can life go on? - was teaching about living, ensuring that we know about the lives of those who were persecuted and ensuring that their culture lives on. Our video tutorial teaches you a...