Hassan joins a new school.  He is very sad and does not say very much. He paints a picture of his pet cat and his old house.  Slowly, through the picture, his teacher and classmates begin to understand his story and why he must try to build a new life a long way fromhome.  Some things to think about with primary students.

Discussion Questions

1.      what was the main difference between Hassan’s old school and his new one?

2.      how did the children try to help Hassan at playtime?  What can we do to make a new boy or girl feel welcome at our school?

3.      why was Hassan tired at lunch time and why didn’t he eat anything?

4.      how did Miss Kelly let Hassan know what she wanted him to do?

5.      what was in Hassan’s picture?

6.      how did Hassan know that Miss Kelly understood his picture? What do you think made Miss Kelly feel sad?

7.      most children took their pictures home but Hassan left his behind. Do you think his painting was still wet or did Hassan have another reason for leaving his work in school?

8.      how did Fela help Hassan?  How did Fela help Miss Kelly?

9.      Hassan told Miss Kelly what happened when the soldiers came and why he cried.  Even when he escaped from the soldiers some things still made him sad. Think about some of these.  What did Hassan have to leave behind in Somalia?  What did he miss the most?

10.    how do we know that Hassan is feeling a little bit better by the end of the story?  What people, mentioned in the story, will be able to help Hassan feel comfortable in his new home and school?

11.    what do you think they should do next?

12.    if Hassan came to our school, who could help him?

Download the PDF version of the Colour of Home book activity.