Youth Champion Board

The Youth Champion Board develops and evaluates the Youth Champion programme. Each Youth Champion Board Member works on a specific project which ensures that the programme is youth-led.

Youth Champions aged 14-24 can contact the Youth Champion Board if they have any ideas or contributions to add to the programme. The Youth Champion Board also provide support to Youth Champions completing their challenges. 


I am the Lead Youth Champion for HMDT’s Youth Champion programme. I work closely with the Youth Champion Board and chair monthly meetings where we discuss ideas, plan for events and decide how best to develop the programme.

I have been in this role for six years and supported the programme’s establishment back in 2010. I have been lucky to meet so many like minded people from across the country and see the programme develop and grow each year.

Outside of HMDT, I am a freelance director and have a keen interest in political theatre, I am currently developing a new production based around the liberation of Bergen-Belsen.


I am the Deputy Lead Youth Champion which means I support Josh in his role and work closely with the Youth Champion Board to direct and develop the Youth Champion programme.

Over the past six years, Josh and I, have delivered workshops all over the country to engaged and passionate young people who are active in commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day. Working with HMDT has allowed me plenty of opportunities to meet and hear the stories of many different survivors.

Outside of HMDT, I am a student teacher. Soon I will be a qualified Primary School Teacher, engaging and empowering the next generation.


I am the Youth Champion Board Member for the Arts project.

I am a History student at the University of Exeter and have been involved in the work of HMDT for the past five years. Through this, I regularly take part in, promote and organise events to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. Most notably, I organised a large inter-school event which was awarded the prize of ‘runner up’ in the 2016 Speakers School Council Awards.

I highly value interactive commemoration, promoting discussion and reflection, and believe that use of the arts in commemorative events achieves this well.

To get in contact with Barnabas, email


I am the Youth Champion Board Member running the Content and Design project.

I have just finished my second year at the University of Huddersfield studying for a degree in Textile Practice.

I was first introduced to HMDT when carrying out research for a project I was exploring about the Holocaust. I had also volunteered at a creative workshop by 6 Million + last year, and felt passionately about the cause.

I am very privileged to be on the board helping to raise awareness of Holocaust Memorial Day and being able to engage with the public.

To get in contact with Madeleine, email


I am the Youth Champion Board Member for International Projects.

I'm currently in the third year of my Classics and English degree at Royal Holloway. I became interested in Holocaust education and remembrance through studying literature related to the Holocaust, and am currently writing my undergraduate dissertation on Holocaust literature and literature from the Rwandan genocide.

To get in contact with Niamh, email


I am the Youth Champion Board Member for the Museums & Heritage project.

I am currently studying a Masters degree in History at Liverpool Hope University. Having been involved in the HMDT Youth Champion programme for the past two years, I am very pleased and honoured to be playing a part, for a second year, on the Youth Champion Board.

This year, I plan on using my 5 years of experience in the Museum and Heritage sector to help promote the Youth Champion programme nationally via museum and heritage initiatives. I plan to create opportunities for young people and raise awareness of the lessons we have learned from the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and subsequent genocides to help achieve a safer, better future.

To get in contact with Hayley, email


I am the Youth Champion Board Member running the Resources project.

I am currently in my first year studying History at the University of Gloucestershire. I became aware of HMDT through various events in my local area and have since become passionate about the importance of raising awareness of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides and how they still hold a firm place in the way current and future societies are shaped.

By learning lessons from the past, we are able to prevent discrimination and stop history from repeating itself. In the future, I will hopefully help to develop new and engaging resources and work as part of a team with the Youth Champion Board.

To get in contact with Anna, email


I am the Youth Champion Board Member for the Workshops project.

I’m currently studying History at Warwick University. The work that I have already done with the Holocaust Educational Trust and Yad Vashem last year has continually reinforced the importance of remembering the Holocaust and subsequent genocides and the contemporary lessons they offer, which is why I joined the Youth Champion Board.

As the Board Member responsible for workshops, I hope to improve the programme to ensure that Youth Champions leave the workshops with an understanding of more recent genocides and feeling confident about organising, publicising and running an HMD activity.

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I am the Youth Champion Board Member for the UK Ceremony project.

I joined HMDT as a Youth Champion in 2015, and was given the opportunity to volunteer at the UK Ceremony. This was an incredibly powerful experience, and inspired me to apply for the Youth Champion Board.

In this role I will be encouraging Youth Champions to attend and volunteer at the ceremony, ensuring that while at the event, these young people are representing HMDT.

Outside of my work at HMDT, I study History, English and Religious Studies at Repton School.

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