Youth Champion Board

The Youth Champion Board develops and evaluates the Youth Champion programme to ensure that it is youth-led. 

Youth Champions aged 14-24 can contact the Youth Champion Board if they have any ideas or contributions to add to the programme. The Youth Champion Board also provide support to Youth Champions completing their challenges. 

The Youth Champion Board for HMD 2018 will be in post from September 2017 to March 2018. 

Hayley Carlyle – Lead Youth Champion

As Lead Youth Champion I work closely with the Youth Champion Board, helping to increase membership of the Youth Champion programme and inspire young people to organise their own activities to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. I have been involved with HMDT for three years now and I am very proud to hold the position of Lead Youth Champion.

I have six years’ experience in the Museums and Heritage sector and recently completed a Masters Degree in History at Liverpool Hope University. I hope to use my knowledge and understanding of genocide from my studies with the skills and experience I have gained in the Museums and Heritage sector to help develop the Youth Champion programme, educate and inspire young people to achieve a safer better future.


Barnabas Balint – Deputy Lead Youth Champion

As Deputy Lead Youth Champion, I work closely with the Youth Champion Board and support young people from across the country who are passionate about commemorating the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

I am currently a second year BA History student at the University of Exeter and have been involved with HMDT for more than five years. Through the Youth Champion programme, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides and run events for HMD. Above all, I have had the great privilege of meeting and hearing moving testimony from survivors of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

As fewer and fewer survivors are able to share their stories, the Youth Champion programme is becoming increasingly important as it equips young people with the knowledge and ability to raise awareness of HMD in their communities. I am looking forward to developing the programme and encouraging others to learn from the past to ensure a safer, better present and future. 

Emma Bayley-Melendez

I became interested in the role of Youth Champion Board Member after completing the Youth Champion programme for HMD 2017. I study Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol and hope to go on to study Law. Since studying Nazi Germany during GCSE History, I wanted to become more involved in promoting Holocaust education. I have written and delivered assemblies to students at my school to commemorate HMD and share my experiences of visiting Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust. I think we need to look to the past to prevent more atrocities taking place. I look forward to learning more about the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

Gida Malafronte

I am a Global Studies and International Relations student at Nottingham Trent University and I am keen to support young people across the country to organise activities to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

Whilst researching the Genocide in Bosnia for a university module, I found out about the Youth Champion programme and attended the Youth Champion Day. I really enjoyed the experience of listening to survivors’ life stories and I decided to apply for the Youth Champion Board to help inform others about the past and to spread the great learning experience I had through HMDT. 

Adam Tanner

I am a Law Graduate currently studying for my PhD in Law, I am a passionate lecturer and academic on the topic of Law and Religion. 

I have travelled to Europe to learn the history of the Holocaust so I was particularly interested when I found out about the work of HMDT through my university networks. I specialise in the law relating to expression and religion, and the 2018 theme of The power of words resonated with me greatly. 

I hope to be able to lead events and lessons on this year’s theme and assist in enabling young people to become more aware of the Holocaust, subsequent genocides and the power that words have. 

Nikos Souslous

I have recently completed my studies for a Masters in European History at University College London. I first got involved with HMDT in 2014 through a newsletter circulated by UCL’s Volunteering Services Unit. Since then, I have volunteered at the UK Ceremony three times and last year I organised my own HMD activity at UCL which was open to both students and the general public. It is an honour to be a part of the Youth Champion Board for the first time.

Through my work with HMDT, I aim to inspire young people across the country to commemorate the Holocaust and subsequent genocides and help them understand the continuing relevance of these events.



Daisy Williams

I’m a 23 year old actress living in Cardiff. I currently work for a theatre company called Theatr na nÓg based in Neath, as a Production Assistant and Young Ambassador Co-ordinator. I became a Youth Champion last year whilst working with Sbardun Gwreiddiol Dance Company in Aberystwyth, creating a movement piece commemorating the Holocaust called ‘Not in My Name.’

It was important to me to learn more about the Holocaust in order to perform the piece justifiably and to be able to lead Q&A’s with the audience afterwards. I was also able to talk about my experience as a Youth Champion with other young people who were performing. It was a very rewarding experience to be able to pass on information I’d learnt at the Youth Champion workshop. I’m very excited to be a part of the Youth Champion Board this year and to hopefully create a theatre piece for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018. I have only been on the board for a very short time and have already met some truly inspirational people. 


Danielle Priest

I am honoured to be a part of the Youth Champion Board for 2018. I graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2016 where I studied History and where I currently work.

Whilst at university, I primarily focused on 20th Century history, studying the Genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia and Bosnia – events which are extremely significant to society today. My dissertation focused on the power of local collaborators with the Einsatzgruppen in the Holocaust and how individual people can be incited to participate in terrible acts of murder.

Through being a member of the Youth Champion Board, I hope to encourage more people to become Youth Champions and volunteer at the UK Ceremony in January.

If we continue to work together to commemorate the Holocaust and subsequent genocides, we can help to promote messages of equality, unity and acceptance.

Anna Cardy

I am currently in the second year of my History degree at the University of Gloucestershire. I first became aware of the work of HMDT in 2016 through various events in my local area. I have since continued to help promote the remembrance and awareness of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

As a Youth Champion Board Member, I hope to work together with the Board to help Youth Champions organise HMD activities and raise awareness of the lessons that can be learned from the Holocaust and subsequent genocides to help make a better future.


Niamh Hanrahan

I am currently studying for a Masters in Holocaust Studies at Royal Holloway. I became interested in Holocaust education and remembrance through studying literature related to the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. I’ve been involved with HMDT for the last three years, and feel honoured to be on the Youth Champion Board for a second year. I’m looking forward to being able to plan and support activities for HMD 2018 and work to increase knowledge about genocide amongst young people.