In 2014, the trustees of HMDT announced their strategic plan for the coming five years. This document outlines where we would like to be in 2020. We need your help to get there, and we’ll be working to deliver this vision through the tailored support we offer to event organisers, working with partners and by promoting HMD across the UK. We’ll review our progress in meeting our strategic vision every year and will adapt our business plan accordingly to ensure that we achieve these aims.

Our mission and purpose

Our mission and purpose are based on the Stockholm Declaration and the Statement of Commitment created at the Stockholm Conference on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research, in the year 2000. These form the basis of our charitable objectives. 
Our purpose is to promote and support Holocaust Memorial Day as the UK’s national Day to commemorate the Holocaust, all victims of Nazi Persecution and those who suffered in subsequent genocides; to encourage people to learn lessons from the past and take steps to challenge hatred and persecution.

Our vision & values

Underpinned by our commitment to the Stockholm Declaration and the Statement of Commitment, our vision is:
to learn lessons from the past to create a safer, better future 
HMDT recognises that there is no consensus on what ‘the lessons’ are that can be learnt, nor how these can best be applied. A key strength of HMD in the UK lies in breadth of knowledge and experience, creativity, passion, variety and vibrancy of local HMD activities and participants. HMDT encourages local organisers of HMD events to reflect and develop activities that are appropriate for their own audiences.  To do this, we provide resources and guidance.
This plan aims to define the work we will do over the next six years to fulfil our vision.
In our work to agree our branding and to set the previous strategic plan, we have agreed our values as being to demonstrate behaviours that are kind, transparent, dignified, expert, trustworthy, creative, collaborative and just. We form partnerships where appropriate and effective, and signpost to other organisations.

Our goals 

  • To promote Holocaust Memorial Day across the UK
  • To support individuals and organisations across the UK in marking Holocaust Memorial Day
  • To commemorate and increase understanding of the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and subsequent genocides, and what can occur post-genocide, through the life stories of those who suffered and were murdered in them
  • To enable others to work towards a safer, better future by
    • Promoting a society free from hatred, prejudice and persecution and
    • Working to reduce the likelihood of future genocide
  • To be a financially sound, effective organisation