The content of your activity is crucial as it is what your audience will remember. By creating a successful programme, your audience will understand why Holocaust Memorial Day is important to them.

Your programme could include: the images and artwork on display during the activity, the speakers and films you use, and even the handout materials given away. There is no single way to carry out a HMD activity – it is for you to judge what will suit your audience.
You’ll find many different resources in this section for you to use to create the content for your event. Our logos and posters can be used to help you publicise your activity, you could play a podcast as part of your HMD activity or use a life story of a survivor of genocide as an inspiration for your activity.
You may find that your audience appreciate handout material to take away – there’s a copy of this ‘About HMD Booklet’ in our Activity Pack and you can order extras for free in quantities of 50 by contacting the HMDT team on 020 7785 7029. We also provide presentations and suggested films which you may find appropriate for your activity.
We have suggestions for activities to commemorate HMD if you have:
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All resources provided by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust are free of charge.