HMDT is the charity which promotes and supports Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK.
  • We produce the annual theme for HMD, which provides a focus for events and education in local and national commemorations.
  • We provide free resources and run free workshops for activity organisers across the country, providing the support they need to arrange appropriate and meaningful events which commemorate HMD.
  • We organise the UK national event which acts as a spotlight for all of the HMD activities in the UK.
  • We support more people to organise local HMD activities, by developing partnerships and conducting outreach work
  • We promote HMD across the UK, by ensuring media coverage raises awareness of HMD across the country.
  • We train HMD Youth Champion volunteers to be a driving force in commemoration of HMD.
  • We ensure that the UK is a  world leader in Holocaust commemoration.

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If you would like to find out more about our work and plans for the coming years, you can download our strategic plan.

We can only continue to be successful in delivering the aims of HMD with the support of those who mark HMD each year. We’re here to help you, so if you would like to hold or become involved in a HMD activity, we will have suggestions for you. Please contact the HMDT team, who are here to help you, by email or on 020 7785 7029.