The Activity Pack is for Holocaust Memorial Day activity organisers to help facilitate activities. It contains a set of posters, an example of our free handout materials, a sample About HMD booklet, information for educators, a set of stickers, a metal HMD badge, guidance for putting on your activity, as well as a guide to the theme for HMD 2018: The power of words

The packs themselves aren’t designed for you to give away to those coming to your events so copies are limited to one per person. However, you can order more copies of our handout materials - the sample About HMD booklet is for this purpose.

There are many other resources that the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust produces that may assist in your planning – we have materials for educators, and organisers will find our resources and activity planning section useful too.

Order your Activity Pack for HMD 2018 here

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We are a UK charity and, therefore, are unable to send copies of our pack internationally. Download the individual items in our Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 Activity Pack here:


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