These are the Welsh translations of the Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 life stories.

Joan Salter - Welsh
Child survivor of the Holocaust.

‘The most poignant reminder of all from the past is a photograph I found at the Portuguese Red Cross archive. It is of a group of 14 children… At the front is a skinny little girl of three-and-a-half. This is Fanny Zimetbaum – the child I was once.’

David Berger - Welsh
Murdered in the Holocaust.

‘If something happens, I would want there to be somebody who would remember that someone named D. Berger had once lived.  This will make things easier for me in the difficult moments.’ 

Emmanuel Ringelblum and the Oneg Shabbat Archive - Welsh

Murdered in the Holocaust.

‘We reached the conclusion that the Germans took very little interest in what the Jews were doing amongst themselves… it was not surprising that the work of Oneg Shabbat could develop successfully.’

Ceija Stoyka (Chaya Stoyka) - Welsh
Roma survivor of Nazi Persecution.

'I remember Auschwitz every waking moment of my life'

Arn Chorn-Pond

Arn Chorn-Pond - Welsh
Survivor of the Genocide in Cambodia.

‘I come from a family of performers; I am the only one left.’

Eric Eugene Murangwa

Eric Eugene Murangwa - Welsh
Survivor of the Genocide in Rwanda.

‘Zuzu, a person who tortured, raped and murdered many Tutsis, became Eric’s saviour not once, but twice. Why? Zuzu’s passion was Rayon Sports.’

Safet Vukalić - Welsh
Survivor of the Genocide in Bosnia

‘Yes, it happened.  And people think ‘oh, it’s fine now.’ Well, to me, the only thing that’s happened, there’s no concentration camps, and the war has stopped. Still division exists; the country is divided, my town is in a part that’s occupied by Serbs.’

Josh Whatsize

Josh Whatsize - Welsh
Holocaust Memorial Day Lead Youth Champion

‘The experience of meeting many survivors, who have empowered me and inspired me, is something I will never forget. I aim to instil this in other young people, ensuring those personal stories told to me are always retold and that I keep their memories alive.'

The Holocaust Centre Memorial Garden - Welsh
The memorial garden in the grounds of the Holocaust Centre in Laxton, Nottinghamshire

‘Those of us who were present at the opening of the Beth Shalom Centre were full of admiration that of all places, such a centre could have been established in Sherwood Forest, and that it was entirely due to one family, a non-Jewish family.' - Ben Helfgott MBE, Holocaust survivor

The Srebenica-Potočari Memorial Centre and Cemetery to the Victims of the 1995 Genocide - Welsh 
A memorial in Srebenica, Bosnia to the 8,000 men and boys killed in the 1995 genocide during the Bosnia War.

 'We pray to almighty God,
                             May grievance become hope
                              May revenge become justice
                              May mothers' tears become prayers
                              That Srebrenica
                              Never happens again
                              To no one and nowhere'

Six Million+ button memorial
'6 Million+' - The Button Memorial - Welsh

A memorial of six million buttons to commemorate the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust.

‘The memorial’s purpose is to ‘ignite and flame confidence, hope and passion, encouraging people to stand up as individuals and in groups to make a positive difference to the lives of others’.’