On Holocaust Memorial Day you can use a wide range of media resources to provide inspiration and help your audience better understand your HMD activity.

Showing one of our films, which vary from testimony to more informative clips about the atrocities, can break up your programme and help your audience to understand what people have experienced. Meanwhile, you could organise an HMD activity around the screening of a documentary or feature film, and we have a detailed filmography of genocide films where you can find some inspiration.

Photos can be a powerful way to share the messages raised by HMD at your activities.

Listening to podcasts from survivors and experts is an excellent way conveying their stories about their experiences.

Screening our presentation in a public space on or around 27 January will allow passers-by to become involved in your HMD activity. Alternatively you could show it as your guests arrive with a piece of music to create a reflective atmosphere.

Screensavers are a really effective way of engaging your workplace or school in Holocaust Memorial Day. You can have them on your computers throughout January to help raise awareness.