Thursday, 5 April, 2012
Last night the HMDT Outreach Team were honoured to attend a screening of Coexist in the beautiful new reception room of the Wiener Library. The screening was co-hosted by the Wiener Library and Survivors Fund (SURF) and preceded the beginning of the annual period of commemoration for the Genocide in Rwanda on 6 April. The powerful film, directed by Adam Mazo, comprised a collection of interview footage from Rwandans who experienced the events and aftermath of the 1994 Genocide.
Coexist highlights the complexities of the ongoing repercussions of the atrocities by presenting the testimony not just of survivors, but also perpetrators, bystanders and young people born after 1994. Despite the difficulties encountered in trying to fully believe in and agree with the reconciliation policy in Rwanda, the film is a testament to the resilience and forgiveness of the Rwandan people in learning to ‘coexist’. The event was chaired by David Russell of SURF, who shared his insight into the current political situation in Rwanda and the ongoing difficulties faced by survivors of the 1994 genocide.