Friday, 27 September, 2013

You can still reserve your place at our free Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2014 workshops which will be taking place across the UK throughout September and October. 

HMD workshops provide inspiration, guidance and opportunities for your Holocaust Memorial Day activity.  To help you create a meaningful activity for your audience, we’ll be exploring the HMD 2014 theme of Journeys and practicalities around organising an event based on this theme.  

You’ll hear powerful life stories of Holocaust and genocide survivors and participate in thought provoking activities and discussion about how you can make HMD relevant to your audience. We'll also be exploring the different ways that people engage with HMD and the impact that HMD has on individuals and communities who organise or attend commemorative activities.

This year we've introduced some changes to the workshops, based on feedback from 2013.  We've extended the networking part of the workshop so you’ll have the opportunity to share best practice with other organisers in your region.  This year we've also introduced workshops with sessions for newer HMD organisers which will take up first the hour and fifteen minutes of the workshop and will cover the practicalities of running a HMD activity.

Over a three hour session, we aim to provide you with everything you need to know to mark HMD 2014 and how you can play your part in challenging hatred and creating a safer, better future.  

You can view the list of workshop dates below, click on your workshop to view details and find out how to reserve your place.

Bury St Edmunds - 11 September 2013

Taunton - 12 September 2013

Birmingham - 16 September 2013

Northampton - 17 September 2013

Manchester - 23 September 2013

York - 24 September 2013

Swansea - 1 October 2013

Belfast - 3 October 2013

Bournemouth - 7 October 2013

Local Authority Workshop - London - 8 October 2013

London - 10 October 2013 (afternoon)

London - 10 October 2013 (evening)

Glasgow - 14 October 2013

Durham - 15 October 2013 

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