Wednesday, 16 September, 2015

We’re pleased to announce the members of our brand new Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) Youth Board. The HMD Youth Board will enable young people to shape the HMD Youth Champion programme by offering Youth Champions the opportunity to develop the programme themselves. From training in how to run campaigns and in digital skills, or hearing from academics about how to challenge Holocaust denial, we want to ensure that we continue to provide an engaging youth programme that offers the skills and experiences that young people want and need.

The Youth Board will be working alongside Lead Youth Champion Josh Whatsize and Deputy Lead Youth Champion Wes Andrews.

Our new HMD Youth Board members are:

North East - Michaela Crawley





North West - Hayley Carlyle

East of England - Oli Wray

East Midlands – Lauren Rowe

West Midlands - Kat Fowler

South West - Jack Welch

Greater London - Elisha Coates

Scotland - Lucy Shiels

South East - Charlotte Lee

As well as shaping the development of the Youth Champion programme, our Youth Board members will lead an exciting HMD activity in their region or nation for HMD, inspire new young people to join the Youth Champion programme and contribute to the HMD Youth Champion voices newsletter.

We’ll soon be announcing two more specific youth roles; a national role for Scotland and a Regional Arts Youth Representative role for the South East.

As the next generation, young people are a powerful force to ensure that we all learn the lessons from the past to challenge prejudice and hatred in our communities today. We are passionate about supporting young people to become the driving force behind Holocaust Memorial Day, ensuring these important messages reach future generations. 

HMD Youth Champion workshops

In October and November we'll be holding HMD Youth Champion workshops in Swansea, Leicester and Glasgow for new and existing Youth Champions. The workshops will give young people the support, ideas and resources they need to put on an event or activity for Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January. Attending a workshop will help young people to gain a better understanding of the Holocaust, genocide and Holocaust Memorial Day, they will also be the chance to explore and develop ideas for marking HMD and how we can inspire and encourage others to take action in their communities and not stand by for Holocaust Memorial Day 2016.  

The workshop will also highlight this year’s theme of Don’t Stand By, and explore the ways that we can make the world listen to the stories of survivors from the Holocaust to the genocide taking place today in Darfur.

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