Tuesday, 23 January, 2018 - 19:30 to 21:00

SmokeScreen Productions present 'Mengele' A new play inspired by the novel 'Right to Live' by Philip Wareham.

1979. On a beach in Brazil, Josef Mengele, the notorious doctor of Auschwitz, takes his routine morning swim. Out in deep water he has a seizure and is washed ashore where he is confronted by a local woman, who he assumes has saved him. Flattered and entranced by this enigmatic presence, he is seduced into revealing himself. As he seeks to justify his life he ultimately only succeeds in damning himself.

A stylised production inspired by author and historian Philip Warehams novel, scripted and performed by veteran performer Tim Marriott (BBC TV The Brittas Empire) supported by Emma Zadow as Azra and presented in cinematic style, this production promises to be atmospheric, evocative and poignant in its contemporary reference as we expose a sociopathic narcissist on stage.

As the rhetoric of contemporary debates and campaigns echo the rhetoric of the 1930s, the words of Auschwitz survivor Lydia Tischler are particularly appropriate; the best way to remember is for it not to happen again the potential for destructiveness is in all of us. The lessons from history are easily forgotten if we allow debate to be reduced to the slogans and sound bites of today this play aims to serve as a reminder to all of us of the complexities and darkest impulses of human nature.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival press for MENGELE:
"Profoundly moving and superbly crafted and acted"

"A polished and accomplished performance"
Fringe Review

"A true masterclass in acting and writing"
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