Friday, 27 January, 2017
The HMD 2017 theme: How can life go on? calls on individuals to learn about, and to celebrate the lives and cultures of those who were murdered during the Holocaust, Nazi persecution and subsequent genocides. HMDT has produced six recipe cards sharing dishes important to communities targeted during genocide. Also providing background information, they are an engaging way of learning about cultures and celebrating the lives of people who were murdered during genocide.





For our Jewish recipe card, learn how to make Challah bread here.






For our recipe from victims of Nazi persecution, learn how to make Roma bacon pudding here.






For our recipe from Cambodia, learn how to make Beef Loc-Lac here.






For our recipe from Rwanda, learn how to make Ibirayi n’amashaza here.






For our recipe from Bosnia, learn how to make Bosanski Lonac here.  






For our recipe from Darfur, learn how to make Aseeda here.


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