Thomas Ashton School in Tameside, Manchester, co-ordinated a creative project for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2017 which involved around 400 pupils from all the special schools in Tameside.

Each pupil was asked to think of a dream which would make the world a better place and to write it on a scroll. The scrolls were then put into a large glass jar sat on a perspex cube, upon which names and dreams were also printed. The display featured a smaller cube, with images from the Holocaust and genocides that followed in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Darfur. The display was toured around all the schools which took part.

Kim McDonough, Arts Co-ordinator at Thomas Ashton School, and her colleagues drew upon the history of the Holocaust to help pupils in school understand why qualities such as tolerance and the acceptance of others are so important in us all.

She said: ‘The display is a simple piece that carries great meaning and significance, showing that we can all make a difference if we choose to do so. We hope our children will see the resilience and determination of genocide survivors and feel, in their own way, that perhaps they too can overcome difficult circumstances in their lives and go on to thrive, not just survive’.