As part of its ongoing commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day, the Chaplaincy Office of Hywel Dda University Health Board commemorated HMD 2016 with a poster display in their Quiet Room/Chapel at Glangwili General Hospital. In addition to showcasing thoughts and reflections on Holocaust Memorial Day, the display invited others to add a message to the hospital’s prayer tree or to light a candle, in order to reflect on the suffering and mistakes of the past in order to prevent similar atrocities from taking place in today’s world. Participants were encouraged to give thanks that, in West Wales, they live in a tolerant and just society, and that the United Kingdom continues to offer sanctuary to those fleeing persecution abroad. The Chaplaincy Office also asked those who lit a candle to 'recommit ourselves to fostering the mutual trust between communities so that they may flourish side by side on the basis of respect and understanding.'
Euryl Howells, Senior Chaplain at Hywel Dda University Health Board, had this to say about the event:
'Healthcare is about showing respect and tolerance…we have a responsibility to ensure that we promote equity and to celebrate the diversities in our world.  Using candles, whilst the light is but a flicker, it represents hope in the darkness and any light and warmth generated is for us to reflect, appreciate and to build on.'
The organisers were encouraged that the community reacted well and part in the day’s event, and plan to build on this for 2017.


  • If this example has inspired you to organise an activity for HMD 2017, read our theme vision here.